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Opener Remote Control Failed Near Draper UT

Opener Remote Control Failed

Customer Issue: Mr. Walker changed the batteries in his garage door opener remote control, but it still refused to work and make his door move.
Our Solution: Our professionals tested and closely inspected both Mr. Walker’s Linear LDO50 garage door opener, as well as the remote control itself, to determine the cause of the problem. We found that the sensor in the opener itself wasn’t responding, so our team repaired it. We put back the opener and tested the functioning of the remote control.

Clark Walker - Draper
Garage Door Spring Replacement In Cedar Hills UT

Garage Door Spring Replacement

Customer Issue: Mrs. Santasuosa noticed that her family’s garage door springs were getting noisier, and more worn and uneven looking.
Our Solution: The first step with spring replacement after disconnecting the garage door and opener is always to ease the tension out by adjusting the caps. Once both springs were loose and the tangles all lax, it was time for us to remove them, oil their housing unit, and install the new pair for testing.

Chandler Santasuosa - Cedar Hills
Opener Installation | Highland | Garage Door Repair Alpine

Opener Installation

Customer Issue: Mr. Fennich knew he was getting a house whose garage door opener had just been thrown out, and wanted a new one installed as soon as he moved in.
Our Solution: A Linear Pro Access LDCO850 smart belt-drive opener satisfied the customer’s desire for a quiet, wifi-connected model that would last a long time. Our team installed and tested it for Mr. Fennich to ensure he could start using his garage door automatically via a remote control or his smartphone.

Tobias Fennich - Highland
Panel Replacement | Garage Door Repair Alpine

Panel Replacement

Customer Issue: Old and damaged door panels.
Our Solution: We removed the old sections and then installed new ones of a matching design in their place. Then we made sure they could fold correctly as the door closed and that there was no light getting through any gaps.

George Navarro - Alpine
Cable Replacement In Highland UT

Cable Replacement

Customer Issue: Broken garage door cables.
Our Solution: We made sure the door was fully closed before disconnecting the damaged cables. We then fitted new units in their place, making sure to loop them properly over their drums. The door was able to return to its normal operation afterwards.

Ian Mcully - Highland
Garage Door Troubleshooting | Garage Door Repair Alpine UT

Garage Door Troubleshooting

Customer Issue: Door kept reversing, but the sensors weren't misaligned.
Our Solution: We checked the opener sensors first, but their lenses weren't scratched and their alignment was correct. This led us to examine several other parts of the door until we finally discovered some bending in the tracks, which was preventing the rollers from moving. We straightened those out and the door was able to close easily again.

Warren Rington - Alpine

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