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Garage Door Springs

Garage Door Springs
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Springs are the parts that ensure the garage door will open. They also ensure the door is balanced and remains open at a certain point. All components contribute so that the overhead door will move up and down, but the garage door springs are mainly responsible for this job. Without them, the door does not open. When they are broken, the door will remain closed. They have coils which remain extended when the door is open. This way, springs store energy and they release it as soon as the door is activated. Thanks to this power, the door moves. Due to this power of theirs, springs can also be dangerous if they are not handled right.

Spring issues are handled very fast

Garage Door SpringsWe have the best technicians at “Garage Door Repair Alpine” for all spring services. We also have emergency repairmen in case springs break abruptly or need adjustment. The good news is that our technical team is knowledgeable of all types of springs. All garage door manufacturers produce springs as they must accompany new doors. Their selection is made in accordance with the weight of the door so that they will have sufficient power to move it. Springs are distinguished; there are torsion and extension springs depending on the door's needs. Although most doors would either have one torsion or two extension springs, some heavier ones might need reinforcement with the installation of extra springs.

We repair all spring issues and know how to deal with Clopay torsion springs. Clopay manufactures the EZ-set torsion and extension springs that are installed easier. The team of Garage Door Repair Alpine is fast when spring problems emerge and offers emergency spring garage door repair. We give priority to customers with broken springs and make sure the new ones are of the right type and size. We are masters in spring replacement and installation, very careful during all spring services and available to help you out with all problems. We specialize in garage door springs and will be there to repair, maintain and replace them any time. Give us a call if you have spring related questions!

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